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About the qualification

This qualification will enable the qualifying learner to function as a member of a multi-disciplinary team as a multi-skilled health and skincare practitioner. The learner will be skilled in visual, tactile, verbal and assessment skills to ascertain the client's body and integumentary needs, in order to analyse the client's state of health, and formulate a specific regime or protocol for the treatment, prevention and/or maintenance of well being in the client. 


Access to the Qualification: 

Learners accessing this qualification should be in possession of a National Senior Certificate,

FETC, National Certificate Vocational Level 4 or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification. 


Subjects in the Qualification 


Generic components 1 & 2

Health and safety

Professional conduct and business studies

Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2

Nutrition and First Aid 


The core training elements provide the basis for course and field

of study to include face and skin care treatments

(Aesthetics and Soma Treatments 1 & 2)

Facial Electrical Treatments 

Hand and Foot Care Treatments

Hair Removal Treatments (Hot and Cold Systems)

Makeup Applications and Techniques 

Massage Techniques

Body Treatments

Figure Diagnosis 

Body Electrotherapy

Dermatology, Cosmetic Chemistry and Science


Made up of relevant areas of learning that will enhance the

qualification and enrich the field of study to include research

topics projects, case based and various other specialities and

scientific studies.

Year 1 : 6 Modules(compulsory)

Year 2 : 5 Modules(compulsory)



Natural Beauty Products


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Diploma in Health and Skincare
Level 6
Credits 266 

Health and Skincare competency contributes to employment opportunities in the cosmetic industry - one of the largest retail/commercial industries in both relatively developed and developing countries. 

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