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short courses and part qualifications

At Beautiko College, we strive to satisfy all our clients’ needs by providing them with comprehensive and high quality training.
Each individual is unique, requiring a personalised approach to help them find the teaching style that’s right for them. 
If life and your career is a full-time job and you can’t study full-time but you need to learn more to earn more or advance yourself.
If so, then the  workshops, short courses and International VTCT/ITEC courses or the Services Seta SAQA Approved Unit Standards at Beautiko is definitely for you! 
We understand that professionals and more mature adults need their studies to fit in with their lifestyle or career.
Trainings are held on selected week days , with certain courses requiring
attendance on Saturday mornings (09:00-12:00) on special request.

eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

Services seta unit standard

Prepare for and apply specialised eyelash treatment service 


Certificate in waxing 
Seta services unit standard 
Perform hair removal

manicures and pedicures

Certificate in manicures and pedicures 
Services seta unit standard
Perform a manicure and pedicure service

nail technology with a manicure and pedicure service


Diploma in nail technology

Services seta unit standards

Nail technology 

Perform a manicure and pedicure service

swedish massage/holistic massage

Certificate in swedish or holistic massage
Services seta unit standard 
Perform a neck, back and shoulder massage

facial skincare level 2


Certificate in facial skincare level 2

Services seta unit standards

Perform a facial consultancy service

facial electrotherapy treatments

Certificate in facial electrotherapy treatments

Professional Manicure

package deals

special packages

short courses and services seta unit standards

These are special package deals for learners that do not have a lot of time and that wish to complete short courses awarded accordingly.
These unit standards can be taken up separately or in packages as suggested.

Once these units are completed the learner can add additional unit standards that might lead to the full qualification in beauty and nail technology 80646.


unit standard packages