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ITEC Diploma in Spa and Salon Management
Level 4

The main aim of the VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 Diploma in Spa and Salon Management is to enable learners to gain the necessary practical and theoretical skills in order to manage the spa or salon environment effectively and to gain employment in the hair and beauty industry. This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and over and is designed to provide occupational competence at level 4. It also provides a sound platform into further training at level 4 and 5.

About the qualification


This qualification is for learners who want to work within the hair and beauty industry. The qualification consists of 9 mandatory units with a total of 376 hours of Guided Learning (GL) to achieve the full qualification.

The main skills the learner will perform are:

  • Monitor and maintain spa area – to include preparing, monitoring and maintaining the spa area

  • Salon design for the hair and beauty sector – to include researching, planning and designing a salon

  • Salon management – to include, planning and managing products and services in the salon and undertaking salon management duties

  • Management of health, safety and security in the salon – to include implementing and managing health, safety and security practices

  • Contribute to the effective running of business – to include, making a positive contribution to running the business

  • Sales management in the hair and beauty sector – to include introducing methods to improve the selling skills of employees within the business

  • Quality management of client care in the hair and beauty sector – to include reviewing, implementing and monitoring procedures to improve the overall client service experience

  • PR in the hair and beauty sector – to include carrying out PR activities and managing a PR crisis

  • Marketing in the hair and beauty sector – to include promoting hair and beauty products, services and treatments The learner will also develop knowledge on how to carry out research, analyse data, produce plans and evaluate the use of sales forecasts which is essential in order to work and be successful in the industry. This qualification also provides:

  • The related knowledge and understanding required to manage the spa and salon environment effectively in particular health, safety and security

  • Opportunities for learners to focus on the development of their wider skills in a spa and salon management setting, such as communicating with clients, working with others and problem solving

  • Opportunities for learners to develop a range of skills, techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in employment as a spa and salon manager



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