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Relaxing Massage

advanced certificate in health and skincare 


NQF Level 06
SAQA 58310
Credits 266 


In the designing and planning of the Beautiko curriculum five components are interconnected and emphasized.

These components are: outcomes, context, learning content, teaching and learning strategy and assessment.
The curriculum includes the intended outcomes (exit level outcomes, specific outcomes and critical cross-field outcomes) for the purpose of learners to demonstrate and achieve these outcomes in theory, practical and case based components.

The learning areas of the learning programme,(which include units, lessons and the accompanying planning)

cover three aspects : knowledge, skills and attitudes (which include values).

The teaching and learning programme incorporates various planned activities and procedures which are incorporated to aid the trainer to help learners master the learning content.

The trainer also considers factors such as the most suitable teaching and learning methods to be used within different contexts and where time and place are also contributing factors.

These methods are combined in a meaningful way so that learners can take full advantage of opportunities offered to them.



Beautikos trainers use different strategies to help learners reach the desired outcomes.

Apart from the more traditional methods of delivery such as lecturing and demonstration, educators incorporate other methods such as group and pair work and cooperative learning to promote positive interaction.

Other methods include discovery teaching to help learners develop critical and evaluative thinking skills.

Provision is also made in the delivery to ensure that appropriate critical cross-field outcomes are met.


Academic staff

The academic staff members of the institution are fully qualified to teach in the field of health and skincare therapy with both national and international qualifications.

Selected staff members are registered assessors and registered moderators.


The programme design includes four components :

Theoretical component – Specific outcome 1
Practical component – Specific outcome 2
Case-based instruction – Specific outcome 3

Research/Reading component – Specific outcome 4


Qualification exit level outcomes

1. To be able to understand, explain, recognize and describe theoretical content to link the knowledge to the underlying application of skills in order to analyze, construct and formulate various health and skincare therapies.

2. To be able to perform, demonstrate and justify various skills and values through careful consideration by formulating treatment plans for various health and skincare therapies through the use of appropriate materials and equipment by linking the practical applications to the underlying content knowledge.

3. To be able to undertake, analyze, construct and propose a plan for recording and research purposes whilst recommendation and evaluation forms part of the practical performance.


This qualification will enable the qualifying learner to function as a member of a multi-disciplinary team as a multi-skilled health and skincare practitioner. The learner will be skilled in visual, tactile, verbal and assessment skills to ascertain the client's body and integumentary needs, in order to analyse the client's state of health, and formulate a specific regime or protocol for the treatment, prevention and/or maintenance of well being in the client. 

Learners accredited with this qualification will be able to: 

  • Apply communication skills to provide effective health and skincare treatments.

  • Demonstrate applied knowledge of microbiology, anatomy, physiology, physics, chemistry and psychosocial sciences.

  • Plan, implement and evaluate health and skincare treatments based on a holistic assessment of the client.

  • Participate in the promotion of holistic health care.

  • Maintain professionalism in health and skincare practice.

  • Participate and/or manage a health and skincare establishment. 

Access to the qualification 

Learners accessing this qualification should be in possession of a National Senior Certificate, FETC, National Certificate Vocational Level 4 or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification. 


Admission for the Advanced Certificate programme in Health and skincare.

  • Is a Grade 12 [Further Education and Training] National Certificate [Vocational].

  • The Matric Certificate must be valid and the learners must have been found competent.

  • This means that the learner are at least 18 years of age or older. 

  • Subjects that would be in place would be [Language Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies and Life Orientation].

Highly recommended subjects - Could be suggested to be Biology, Science and Physics or Business Studies. 

Modules Year 1/2

  • Facial therapy 

  • Facial electrotherapy 

  • Waxing

  • Manicures and pedicures

  • Makeup 

  • Professional conduct and business awareness

  • Cosmetic science

  • Dermatology

  • Chemistry

  • Anatomy and physiology 1

Modules Year 2/2

  • Holistic and Swedish Massage

  • Nutrition

  • Anatomy and physiology 2

  • Science

  • Body therapies

  • Spa Therapies and heat Treatments

  • Biotics and exercises

  • Figure analysis

  • First aid

  • Manual Lymphatic drainage(MLD)

Exit Certification

Learners will be awarded an Advanced Certificate through our accrediting and awarding body SAAHSP for this qualification on successful completion and Beautiko can only issue a Certificate of Competence for this qualification.