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Certificate in Bridal Hairstyling

R20 000

hairstyling kit included 

3 months

Next Intake: 1st July 2024


What is included?

  •   professional hairstyling kit (including salon-grade products)

  •   study guide

  •   registration fees


What will you need?

  •   complete a registration document

  •   50% non-refundable deposit

  •   no matric required

  •   minimum age is 16


This short course is designed to prepare you and set you aside in the bridal hairstyling industry. 

You will learn everything from consultation to after care for your future brides and bridal party members. We will  cover loose styles, up-styles, Hollywood waves and couture styling. We cover trending techniques as well as traditional and classic techniques.


This course includes a professional hairstyling kit. The hairstyling kit includes salon-grade heat tools, products and styling implements. Our kits include only professional brands.

You will not only receive hands on practical training, related theory, but also insight on how to start and manage your own successful business. This course will set you apart in the industry and is a recipe for success. 

This course includes a practical and theory exam and will grant you with a Certificate of Competence provided all exit criteria have been met.

Course Layout:

Lesson 1: Theory

You will learn all hairstyling related theory, the art of consultation and trials, as well as how to prepare the hair for styling. 

Lesson 2: Preparing The Hair

In this lesson you will learn how to blow wave the hair, create volume with rollers, backcombing techniques and how to create a basic curl.

Lesson 3: Bohemian Styles

In this lesson, you will learn how to create different braid styles and how to create mermaid waves.

Lesson 4: Low Upstyling 

During this lesson you will learn how to create a clean slick low bun as well as a textured low bun with braids. 

Lesson 5: Kim K Upstyle and Face Framing 

In this lesson you will learn how to frame and contour the face with the hair and the placement thereof as well as the viral Kim K upstyle. 

Lesson 6: High Upstyling

You will learn how to create a clean and slick high pony tail as well as a half-up-half-down curled style with face framing.

Lesson 7: Classic High Bun

In this lesson you will learn how to create a classic textured and clean high bun.

Lesson 8: Hollywood Waves Side Part

During this lesson, you will learn how to style structured hollywood waves with a side parting. 

Lesson 9: Classic Large Low Bun

In this lesson, you will learn how to couture styling and how to use large padding to create a large low bun. 

Lesson 10: Audrey Hepburn High Bun with Faux Fringe

In this lesson, you will revisit face framing and create a faux fringe with a sleek padded high bun. 

Lesson 11: Hollywood Waves Mid Parting

During this lesson, you will learn how to style unstructured hollywood waves with a middle parting. 

Lesson 12: Practical and Theory Exams

The day has come where it's time to get certified. In order to get your certification, you will need to pass your practical and theory exams. You will bring in a model to create a specified bridal hairstyle.



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