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ITEC International Certificate

in Makeup Artistry 

R30 000 | kit included 

5 months

Next Intake: 1st July 2024

What is included?

  •   professional makeup kit (including international brands such as P.Louise)

  •   international exam fees

  •   national exam fees

  •   study guide

  •   registration fees


What will you need?

  •   complete a registration document

  •   50% non-refundable deposit

  •   no matric required

  •   minimum age is 16


This is our most intense course yet! It will set you aside in the makeup artistry industry and teach you all the tips and tricks- new and old.


The course has been inspired by international makeup standards and trends. This course is internationally approved by ITEC and nationally accredited through Services SETA. This course will certify you as an internationally and nationally accredited makeup artist. 


You will not only learn standard makeup looks, trending makeup techniques and custom makeup looks, but you will also learn about promoting yourself on social media, how to take your photos and an ongoing mentorship. There are both practical and theoretical components in this course. 

This course includes a theory and practical exam and will grant you with a ITEC Level 2 Certificate in Makeup, Services SETA Perform Makeup For All Occasions Certificate of Competence and Certificate of Competence, provided all exit criteria have been met. 

Course Layout:

Lesson 1: Demonstration of a full glam makeup

You will get to see the makeup application from start to finish. 

Lesson 2: Makeup Theory 

You will receive a study guide with all the relevant theory that you will need to be a professional makeup artist. You will learn everything from makeup tools and products, colour theory, identifying undertones, how different lightning affects the outcome of makeup, how to contour and correct different face shapes, eye shapes, lip shapes and nose shapes.

Lesson 3: Related Dermatology Theory

You will not only be learning makeup theory but also related dermatology theory. You will learn about different skin types, the characteristics thereof and the recommended skincare regimens for each skin type. You will also learn about different skin concerns and conditions and how to recognise them. This will assist you with prepping the skin for the makeup applications, giving professional advice to your clients and knowing whether or not you can do the makeup application without putting yourself or the client at risk. You will also learn the importance of hygiene and sterilisation in makeup artistry. 

Lesson 4: Brow Mapping and Natural Glam (on yourself)

In this lesson, you will learn how to do brow mapping in order to achieve the ideal brow shape and proportions for each client as well as symmetry. You will complete a natural and soft glam with focus on skin prep and achieving a flawless base. You will also cover contouring with cream products. 

Lesson 5: Smokey Eye (on a model)

This lesson is all about creating and controlling shape with eyeshadow and introducing international blending techniques. From this day on, you will be applying false lashes to your models. 

Lesson 6: Kylie Glam and Ombre Lip (on a model)

In this lesson, you will learn how to do one of the most popular soft glams, that we usually see on Kylie Jenner. This will teach you how to create shape and lift the eye with matte skin tonal shades and a smoked out liner. You will create a matte skin base too. You will also learn how to achieve a 90's inspired ombre lip application. 

Lesson 7: Half Cut Crease (on a model)

This lesson is all about structure and detail with creating a half cut crease eyeshadow look. You will also use subtle colour for the first time and create a full glam finish on the skin. 

Lesson 8: Winged Liner and Classic Red Lip (on a model)

In this lesson, you will learn how to master the perfect winged liner using powder and liquid based products. We use techniques that allow you to follow a method and create a perfect wing on any eye shape. You will also be doing a classic matte red lip application. 

Lesson 9: Colourful Cut Crease (on a model)

It's time for full colour application. You will be achieving a multi-colour blend with your eyeshadow as well as a cut crease. This is the lesson where your creativity can spark.

Lesson 10: All things Bridal (on a model)

You will learn all things bridal makeup, from bookings, consultation, trials and the final day. You will learn how to create seamless time schedules and what makes bridal makeup different. You will also be doing a classic bridal makeup look. 

Lesson 11: Perfect Your Technique 

This is your time to show us what you've learnt and to create your own look with our guidance. We will also be able to identify and assist you with anything you might be struggling with.

Lesson 12: ITEC Makeup Demonstration

You will receive a demonstration on how to perform the makeup routine for your ITEC international exam. You will then practice this on a model.


Lesson 13: Facial Cleanse

In this lesson, you will learn how to complete the facial cleansing routine in a commercially acceptable standard and time frame. You will learn how to work with salon-grade products and client care. 

Lesson 14: Skin Analysis

During this lesson, you will practice the facial cleansing routine and intensively focus on skin analysis.

Lesson 15: Facial Cleanse into Makeup Routine

This will be a combination of the facial cleansing routine, skin analysis and the makeup routine that you will need to complete for your ITEC international exam. 

Lesson 16: Practical and Theory Exams

The day has come where it's time to get certified. In order to get your certification, you will need to pass your practical and theory exams. You will come in to write your theory exam and then bring in a model to create a specified look. The pass rate is 50% of which we currently have a 100% practical pass rate. 

Lesson 17: ITEC Pre-Assessment Consultation

In this lesson, you will have have time dedicated to consulting with the lecturer about any questions that need to be addressed about your theory and practical exams and case studies. Any additional information will also be discussed. 

Lesson 18: ITEC Pre-Assessment

This will be a practical exam dedicated to fully preparing you for your ITEC international exam. This exam consists of a basic facial, skin analysis and a day makeup application. This exam is all about time management so you will only have 30 minutes to complete it.

You will then need to attend the ITEC meeting, ITEC practical and theory exams and complete a case study portfolio in order to complete this international qualification. 


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