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Short and part qualifications 

Gold Soap

 Perform a manicure and pedicure service
NQF Level 3 

Course fee



R1000 x 2 months

 Kit R2500

manicure & pedicure
377505 Perform a manicure and pedicure service
NQF Level 3 

This course provides training in professional manicure and pedicure skills.

No previous beauty experience is required, as this course will teach you everything that you require to gain employment in the industry.

This course will cover the following units. 

Maintenance and care procedures for nails, skin of the hands and feet​

The application of colour to the nails on both the hands and feet.

French manicure technique, single layer varnishing, multi-layer vanishing.

Paraffin wax and warm oil treatments for nourishment.

The study of the structure of the nail Contra-indications to manicure and pedicure.

Consultation and selling techniques


2 months onsite training once a week to include knowledge, practical and case study guidance.

Course Dates :
Course 1 :
12 February - 28 March

Course 2 :
8 April - 24 May 

Course 3 :
1 July - 16 August 

Entry requirement

Learners accessing this qualification will have to  demonstrate

competence in:

  • Communication skills at NQF Level 3.

  • Mathematical literacy skills at NQF Level 3. 


The learner must meet the exit criteria for the knowledge based component, the practical based component and the case based component


SDP Services Seta Certificate of Competence for the 

unit standard 377505 Perform a manicure and pedicure service  

NQF Level 3 

Beautiko Certificate of Competence 

On successful completion the the student has the option to enter into the ITEC International Exams at additional cost.

ITEC Certificate in manicure

Level 2

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